Shawndra Vessels can be offered from single stage filtration to multiple stage filtration. With platform designs to meet your every need.  


The Series R100 Coalescing Pipeline Filter multiple stage Vessel are designed to
remove solid particles and liquid from natural gas and can be designed to fit your
needs from a one stack design to a multiple stack design.



Two Stack R101 For Pryor Chemical.



John ZInk -Skid Package - Particulate Filter Vessel


Westar Energy -  Velcon Trailer -


Velcon mobile filtration and storage system. 
             Velcon offers over thirty oil filter trailer designs in both open and closed designed trailers.  Most common flow rate of a unit 30 GPM though other flow rates are available, with single or dual filter housing systems as requested. Most trailers can be supplied with stainless steal or aluminium oil storage tanks, typically equipped with sight glass level indicators, over-fill protection, and manway access.